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Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Programme

  • July 13, 2023

The SDR Programme serves as the middleman to ensure that the community receives proper knowledge and information on Reducing Stigma and Discrimination.

The main aim of the project is to:

  • Provide adequate information.
  • Reaching our target, goals and objectives.
  • Discussing problems that are related to Stigma and Discrimination and finding strategies to overcome them.
  • Changing the mind set and behavioural patterns.


Goal: Our goal is to change the way PLHIV are often spoken about and also introduce the language of positive healthy living and Dignity, free from Stigma and Discrimination.

Objective: To reduce the prevalence of HIV, STIs, TB  and mitigate the impact and empowering Communities to reduce Stigma and Discrimination against vulnerable populations. We also discuss approaches that can be used to reduce Stigma and Discrimination towards PLHIV.

Activities: We do a number of Activities.

We differ according to our programmes but more often than not our activities align based on the fact that our objectives are the same as an Organisation. The following are activities used by Stigma and Discrimination Reduction team:

  • Community Dialogues
  • Awareness events (Hotspot, workshops, door to door Campaigns
  • Steering Committee meetings
  • Support groups
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